Brand Design

Ifbyphone gave me the opportunity to build a brand from scratch when they decide to rename themselves DialogTech. This page outlines my brand design process with documents that explore the development of a corporate icon, logo, brand color palette, and typography.

Care was taken to develop a logo that would be flexible enough to work on a pen or billboard. Alternative logos were developed for use on both dark backgrounds and for when a compact logo would be more appropriate. The colors palette was inspired by Google’s Material Design.

logo sketches

Logo Sketches 

digital logo sketches

Digital Logo Sketches 

Final Icon

Final Logo Icon 

logo text exploration

Logo Text Exploration 

Final Logo

Black and White Logo 

Final Icon

Color Theory 

Icon Size Test
color test

Logo Color Tests & Icon Size Exploration 

Style Guide - Final Colors

Style Guide – Final Colors 

final logos

Style Guide – Final Logos 

Business Cards


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